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You can sign up by signing in with your gmail account or by creating an account with us. If you sign in with an email that doesn't yet have an account associated with it, and account will be generated for you. Signing in through gmail is preferred! Then they can handle password resets and the such for you. We won't have access to your account other than your display name and profile picture.

Most of the site is accessible without an account! Signing up allows you to buy and keep track of your raffle tickets. You get one free raffle ticket for signing up!

Depends on if you trust:
  • UMCP TASA, the organization that created this application
  • Google's Firebase which is used as our authentication server and database
  • Stripe which we use to process payments

We use Google's Firebase to authenticate and store user information. The only two pieces of identifiable information we store are your email address and display name. You either provide us with a display name when creating an account through email or Firebase grabs it from whatever service you signed in with. You can delete your account at any time!

We also use Stripe to handle payments. Stripe stores your basic credit card info such as last four digits, expiration date, type, and issuer. Stripe also stores your email you used to sign up in order to send a receipt email. Currently we don't have a method of deleting these records along with your account, but that is in the works!

Your user account and profile will be deleted from our Firebase Firestore to the extent that Firebase deletes it. All raffle tickets associated with your account will also be deleted and re-enter the pool of potential tickets